Editor's Blog #3: Finished a book (I know) + thoughts

I went away to France for a week and start and finished a book. That shouldn't in itself be surprising, but the fact it was only my second completed book in two years is troubling. The shame I feel is real believe me, but the sense of achievement feels addictive. And so the need to continually read once again rears its head!

Hello blessed creature, good to see you again! 

The book I completed? Matt Haig's The Humans - easy to love, enjoyable, relatable, sad and heart-warming also. Do read it if you haven't. You'll likely burn through it. 

I need more time for books, this site requires that at the very base level. After all, I can't write about things I know little of And so regular reading. I miss it, I love it, and I'll report back with more thoughts on that, this site and more very very soon I hope.

To those who haven't read for a while, just like me, go on. Shift the bookmark!

Peace and adventure,