Hello and welcome to the new Words & Matter site.

If you're a new visitor then welcome, thanks for finding us. If you're a returning visitor, but surprised by the change of look, then welcome back, we missed you isn't it nice here? Why-ever you're here we hope you like the new site. We certainly do.

So, what's changed? Well, after some soul-searching and a bit of research, we decided that the best home for W&M wasn't Wordpress. The reason being that - if we're honest - while we're not shy of a bif of work (and Wordpress does need some work), our prime concern with W&M is giving you great, engaging, book-related content. The trouble is:

  • If we're faffing with plugins: we're not giving you content.
  • If we're tweaking the site look: we're not giving you content.
  • If we're constantly honing the back-end: ...yes, you guessed it.

So we've switched to Squarespace. A simpler option for the content demons within us. The site isn't finished, and you'll see minor tweaks and changes if (when?) you return. But the key is this: those tweaks and changes will be swiftly implemented, look smart (we're sure we can't mess it up), and will only improve your time here. 

Crucially, vital, more important than anything else: This site enables the one thing we want to give you. More great content, and a passion for getting hold of your next book!