Ugh, The Humans, and bitty reading

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Barcelona and Spain. Who can understand such violence. There seems to be a lot of hate and horror in the world. It's all so sad and proximity, somewhat naturally, heightens awareness. The brain needs to categorise. Two weeks ago we were in the South of France, seeing signs to Barcelona, as we discussed the slim possibility of us driving down. That aside, just ugh. Thoughts and solidarity with all affected.


Some book things then, much as it's hard this morning. Having completed The Humans, I'd thoroughly recommend it. A wise and addictive reflection on us as a species, funny, brilliant, but also sad and at times difficult. A fair representation you might say - without getting too heavy. I've now moved on to How Music Got Free by Stephen WittSo far it's an intriguing tale about the role of the MP3 file, music piracy, the 'freeing' of music and people behind it. If you've no idea what I'm talking about this could be a revelation. If you do, it's a must-read.

Also on the go right now is The Bone Clocks, but to be honest I've a big ol' hard back version that can't easily leave the house so it's a home-read...hmm must read more at home. But it's all habit, and at this age I should probably start forming positive ones based on such things I enjoy. We all should right?

A headline not to enjoy can be found on The Bookseller. It seems VE Schwab may cut ties with her Russian publisher over the removal of content from the Russian edition of Shades of Magic. Content which apparently breaks Russia's law against promoting gay propaganda among minors. It seems obvious to me children should grow up free of broadened horizons being labelled propaganda, so it's easy to understand why Schwab is dismayed. On Twitter she's said of the issue:

The Russian edition of Shades of Magic has been my favourite. This week I learned that they redacted the entire queer plot w/out permission. I'm positively devastated. I can only hope that another publisher is willing to do a better job
I was absolutely horrified. Wouldn't have known if not for a Russian reader who read both editions. Publisher in total breach of contract. It seems my only option is to have the entire series contract cancelled. I'm heartbroken.

Of the news the publisher has said it's simply complying with Russian law - as it would do - but it's clearly troubling when an author has to have their story changed in such a way; especially without any notification. That can't be right can it? 

Right, a three hour walk awaits today. More soon - happy reading all.