Mindful Origami? Seam you in April

We can't immediately think of an engaging book on origami. But that could be set to change come April, when well-being publisher Yellow Kite releases Samuel Tsang's Mindful Origami.

Tsang is apparently a UK origami expert. And that, combined with inspiring, meditative and wise wording appears to be the gem in the crown of Mindful Origami. After all, we are all invited, "not just to fold paper, but to meditate on our place in the universe". Wonderful, if you so choose to. Yet just as enjoyable if not. Yellow Kite publisher, Liz Gough, reinforces that "Sam inspires us to be in the moment, to reflect, to cherish all that we have and to gently incorporate origami as part of a balanced and fulfilled life."

Yet you need not take any more from the book than calm, relaxing, focus and the mindfulness required to create one of the 16 models included in the book. What of the man behind the title? Well, Samuel Tsang is clearly in love with the art-form of origami, and appears an enlivening author too! He describes origami as, "a peaceful hobby, a beautiful art, a craft, a science and a meditation", and advocates the satisfaction and happiness that the completion of a model brings. We don't doubt it. And nor do we doubt his wit or wisdom:

I am proud to be able to share my love of origami in this beautiful book, and hopefully also inCREASE mindFOLDness!

Top punning, sir!

Yellow Kite says the trade's response to the title has been good, and asks anyone keen on (or tired of) mindful colouring books to keep Mindful Origami in their sites. And why not? Come April 7th, the title will be available for £9.99.

We'll be craning* our necks to see how it does. 

*very sorry.