Lucky 7 for Lean In 15

Lean in 15 has spent the first seven weeks of the year capping the top 50 UK books charts, with sales figures which (like the author's fitness enthusiasm) just won't quit. 

Of course if there's a good time to release a fitness-focused food or drink book, it's going to be in January - Mary Berry's Foolproof Cooking is going strong, and The Eight-Week Blood sugar Diet too! 

But Joe 'The Body Coach' Wicks' title has absolutely capitalised. Lean in 15 has taken the start of year market trend and extended it into a truly impressive run.  

Not to take anything away from Wicks' work with that sentiment. The book's popularity is undoubtedly down to the quality of the content, with its mix of workouts and supporting recipes.

And with positive reviews aplenty, If you've yet to hear of Joe Wicks - but fancy a fitness-focused food title - this might be for you. Yes, Lean in 15 does have a small few dissatisfied readers, but with the book spending nearly two months at number one, they're in a clear minority. 

Fancy an idea of the fitness knowledge Wicks backs his recipes with before committing? This casual holiday workout might give you an idea (we're trying to ignore the sun and the sand, and the greenery. Perfect for a relaxing read...!).

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Oh, and don't forget to treat yourself too!