Win Brian Blessed 'Absolute Pandemonium' prizes

During the 1960s Brian Blessed helped deliver a child in Richmond Park. Yet as incredible and bewildering a thought as that is, you just know the charismatic actor/writer has more fantastic tales to tell - such as those sampled at the bottom of this post:

This is why - and because it's Brian Blessed - we have to tell you about a competition celebrating the launch of Blessed's memoir, Absolute Pandemonium. Being run at, the competition offers the chance to win one of five sets of prizes. Each set of prizes will include:

  • A signed hard-back copy of Absolute Pandemonium
  • A personally dedicated narrated audio version of Absolute Pandemonium
  • Other mysterious, but obviously excellent "prize-package" goodies.

To enter you simply have to warm your vocal chords, visit the site and record your own impression of Mr Blessed (using the "Record Your Impression Now" button with the red record symbol on it). Once done, your entry will be checked before being entered into the competition proper. 

We don't know about you, but we're off for a warm lime cordial and some voice exercises! 


Do you fancy hearing some samples from Absolute Pandemonium? To get you in the mood? Alrighty then.