Pewdiepie book - one for the fans?

If you've not heard of Pewdiepie, then it's highly unlikely you'll have heard of Felix Kjellberg, the man behind the username. Still, Pewdiepie/Felix - the gamer with over 37 million YouTube followers (oof!) - is joining Zoe Sugg (Zoella), and Alfie Deyes (Pointlessblog) in the jump from YouTube to book release.

The Pewdiepie book, This Book Loves You, is to be published by Penguin and released 20th October.

A sort of anti self-help book delivered with the author's trademark humour, we're not sure it'll attract a whole host of new fans for the Swede. Still, if it carries the 'love' to more people then good stuff!

What sort of humour should you expect? Here's an extract from the book's description:

Pewdiepie was sent to planet Earth to dispense wisdom, teach us common sense and instruct us in the ancient art of Inspirology.

Pewdiepie just wants to make you happy.

Pewdiepie loves you even more than this book does - isn't that enough for you?

True to form, the announcement was confirmed by a rather left-field video on the Pewdiepie channel., well it's a fair portrayal of Kjellberg's style to be fair.