Editor's Blog #2: Hello again

Hi all, Kevin here.

I just wanted to say hi again and thank you for returning if you checked us out before our hiatus. We'll certainly look to avoid a repeat of that (I really missed being here), and the idea is really to keep things running smoothly and consistently! So this is just a small update to say that regular pieces - likely one per weekday - is the plan for the immediate future. It might seem a bit 'half blog, half-news site', but a post a day seems sensible, and given the glut of things going on in the world of books we can't really cover it all.

What we will do is try to pick up on the news and topics we hope you'll be keen on reading about; ones you may have missed, or ones which might just freshen things up a bit if we feel that's needed. You can always help in pointing things out to us too - leave a comment below an article here, on our Facebook page or tweet us @wordsandmatter on Twitter. You can tell us your thoughts about what we're up to, what might be nice to see, or anything else. We'll do our best to get to it and see what we can do in response.

So that's that for now really. I'll be back next week hopefully - an Editor's blog at the weekend seems like it might work! So until then all the best. 

Happy reading!