The people v OJ Simpson - book tie-ins inbound

E-book and physical book tie-ins to the TV drama, The People v OJ Simpson, will be released to coincide with the UK airing on the BBC.

The 10-part drama, based on the title by Jeffrey Toobin, is currently attracting eye-watering viewing figures in the US, and is heading to UK programming schedules on Monday 15th February. As a result, February 18th and March the 3rd will see the respective releases of The People v OJ Simpson digital and print editions

It's now 21 years since the OJ Simpson case, but the programme has reignited interest state-side. And the domino effect is a UK broadcasting agreement, and UK publisher Century and Arrow agreeing book rights...for a title originally published in the US 20 years ago.

Worth the wait? Century and Arrow publisher Selina Walker is confident, likening the trial to "a Shakespearean tragedy with small objects being given almost totemic significance." 

It may well be a must-read for readers of true crime and law titles. For everyone else? Walker calls it a "great story about everything that obsesses the American people...race, sex, violence and sport… and the only eye witness is a dog."