Big bookshops' Christmas push

Like everyone on the High Streets of Britain, bookshops have now set off the Christmas marketing klaxons. Here, then, are our appraisals of this years' Christmas posters with campaign notes.


Two adverts drive Waterstone's festive feel, with the first perhaps the main attraction.

Hmm, we feel this might have been a little more...funky. Adults need funk, right? Okay, the classic imagery is fair enough, but what's with the rogue 'W' star snuck in there. Perhaps the design is just not to our taste, but it is a shame the actual message is a bit hard to read. Following the ribboned text also feels harder than it should be (and we love ribbon), with the strength of the message lost a little in the flex.

We shall indeed give books, Waterstones. Have a funky festive period.


This is better. Waterstone's second poster is - to its credit - child focused. The company earns kudos because of this. Additional kudos is earned because...well, the colours are bright, the design and typeface is lovely, and penguins. The small penguin on a stack of books is actually adorable, but we can't help but think to ourselves, "why isn't the non-children books poster this much fun?"

The strong voice is back, and here it works. The optimistic tone (we're siding with that over 'demanding') should be commended. "Give Children's Books This Christmas" - the suggestion that books can be given alongside other gifts is good, just as long as familial pranksters don't extend age-range. An alternative phrase, "Give Children Books This Christmas" may have worked, but may also have sounded somewhat judgemental! 


Related title? Yes. Waterstones will be using children's book The Fox and the Star (it's book of the year) in its Christmas promotions. Perhaps that does mean we should give children's books to everybody...

Event? Waterstones Christmas evening (Piccadilly store, London) has been and gone, sorry.



Ah Foyles...

The first thing we see here (after the Foyles logo) is "It's a book", which sets off a couple of alarms. The first because of course it is. The second because, come on Foyles, you never tell people what a present is!

Honestly though, the reveal nicely rounds off a great stack of all the gorgeous things a book can be. And we think this is a pretty cool, simply styled yet engaging effort. 

Related title? No, so those books Foyles has all wrapped up? Let your imagination run wild. 

Event? Yes. Anyone in or around London on or before 6th December can head to Foyles flagship store on Charing Cross Road to visit the Foyles Christmas Fair. Expect cards, gifts and more among the bountiful books. 



There's no obvious poster campaign to mention, but Blackwells is actively trying to help us buy books this festive period. Specifically doing so by running regionally-targeted "book of the Week" and 50% off promotions. Adverts are to appear in the local press, so keep your eyes open for offers near you! For example, for those near Edinburgh it's 50% off:

  • Shetland - Anne Cleeves
  • The Curious Map Book - Ashley Baynton-Williams
  • Goth Girl and Wuthering Fright - Chris Riddell


What do you think of booksellers efforts? Tell us below, along with any local deals you've found or promotions you've loved.