The Good Immigrant - Unbound Funding Frenzy!

**Update** As of 7:30 this morning, The Good Immigrant had achieved 83% pledge support. Here's Hoping support is 100% fulfilled today!


If there's a book industry debate going on about diversity, it's clear there's a healthy appetite for new views and broader horizons. Nothing could make that clearer than funding for editor Nikesh Shukla's The Good Immigrant anthology soaring from 31% to 63% (now 67%!) in just one hour! 

The anthology will feature fifteen emerging British black, Asian and minority ethnic writers, poets, journalists and artists, and their essays about life in Britain today. The Good Immigrant looks set to be a superb proactive push in a wider conversation about diversity in books and society; one which has seen the inception of the Diverse December campaign.

Support for The Good Immigrant is still very much possible, so you can pledge to see the book produced here [we'd heartily recommend it, we're so excited by this!]. But the need for support may not take much longer. With backing for the book growing fast, JK Rowling has now publicly voiced her own support! 

The Good Immigrant contributors are: