Federer biography details served up

A stylish Roger Federer biography should beat the opening of Wimbledon next year. Federer, a clear tennis great (and marvellous bandanna wearer), missed out on a record eighth Wimbledon title yesterday. Still, his career is worth careful attention.

Such attention is to be afforded him too, with a stylish illustrated biography to be published next June.

With text powered by tennis journalist Mark Hodgkinson (Telegraph, ESPN), smart infographics and unshakable knowledge should make Fedegraphica a sumptuous title. And that's one hell of name, isn't it? Fedegraphica...a portmanteau with the poise of an RF cross-court winner.

Naturally the book's publisher, Aurum Press, is positively pumped up about the book. Here's Aurum's Lucy Warburton:

Everyone at Aurum Press is incredibly excited to be publishing such an innovative biography of one of the giants of the game – this will be the fullest most satisfying exploration of his phenomenal talent yet published.

Innovative it may be, but a satisfying exploration is always a treat. What will the book contain? Hodgkinson suggests "beautifully-designed infographics and...brilliant photography".

Wonderful words too, we'd wager.

And perhaps some pages too few. That is if Mr Federer can add more titles... and maybe another Wimbledon win in 2016.