Capital In the Twenty-First Century tops Amazon charts

Professor Thomas Piketty'sCapital In the Twenty-First Century has stormed Amazon, and is currently sitting at the top of the book giant's bestseller list.

We thought we caught a sense of something unique when sniffing the ether for the French academic's new work; now it seems that our initial thoughts were fairly sensible.

The 696 page title, released last month, deals with the central issue of economic inequality. And it is, Ryan Cooper of The Week believes:

...a brilliant, surprisingly readable work that synthesizes a staggering amount of careful research to make the case that income inequality is no accident.

Obviously some interest in economics will be needed to consider purchasing the title, but Capital has so far managed to impress critical reviewers and many readers with its unique and striking approach to capitalism and the inequality around us.

Admittedly, we're not particularly economically minded - indeed we're looking forward to reading the book ourselves! -  so here's Prof. Piketty explaining the title far better than we ever could.