A Manly Triumph: Poems That Make Grown Men Cry

Poems That Make Grown Men Cry is misting eyes for all the right reasons, having entered The Sunday Times' bestseller list at number two. The anthology - published by Simon and Schuster, and edited by Anthony and Ben Holden - looks at 100 men and the poems which move them to tears.

"Grown men aren't supposed to cry', reads the description, "But in this fascinating anthology, one hundred men - distinguished in literature and film, science and architecture, theatre and human rights - confess to being moved to tears by poems that haunt them."

Those men include Stephen Fry, Daniel Radcliffe, Salman Rushdie and J.J Abrams, with the anthology providing an insight into the impact of emotive writing on famous male readers.

The title might also offer a shot in the arm for the wider male readership. After all, at time when most men aren't reading, the warming reception of Poems That Make Grown Men Cry is as promising as it is potentially triumphant.

Sales of the anthology may not, of course, be solely down to male readers. Yet the title clearly demonstrates that men can feel connected to writing in a way not typically promoted.

And honestly, with emotional health an important facet of modern living, it's encouraging to see such a book providing and inspiring a less-seen view.